B in a Circle Jewelry Mark | Italy

Have you ever come across a piece of jewelry marked with a simple “B” enclosed within a circle? If so, you’ve encountered a unique mark that can offer valuable clues about the origin and potential maker of your piece. While pinpointing the exact source can be challenging due to the vast number of Italian jewelry makers and limited information available on some marks, this guide aims to shed light on the possible interpretations of this specific marking.

Potential Interpretations:

  • Barakà: Founded in Vicenza, Italy, during the 1960s, Barakà specializes in men’s jewelry, primarily crafted in gold and silver. Their mark might consist of a simple “B” within a circle, though variations exist.
  • Unidentified Italian Maker: Due to the abundance of Italian jewelry makers throughout history, the “B in a Circle” mark could belong to a lesser-known or undocumented artisan. Identifying the specific maker might require further research into the piece’s style, materials, and any additional markings.
  • Misidentified Mark: It’s crucial to consider the possibility of misidentification. Similar markings from other countries or unrelated manufacturers could be mistaken for the “B in a Circle” mark. Carefully examining the symbol and comparing it to known references is essential.

Additional Considerations:

  • Accompanying Markings: Look for any other markings alongside the “B in a Circle.” These could include additional letters, numbers, symbols, or even a country code, which can significantly aid in identifying the maker and origin.
  • Style and Material: The style and materials used in the jewelry can offer clues about its potential origin and period. Researching Italian jewelry design trends from different eras can provide valuable context.
  • Consulting Experts: If you’re unable to decipher the mark yourself, consider seeking professional assistance from jewelers, appraisers, or online forums dedicated to identifying jewelry marks.


Identifying jewelry marks can be a complex process, and definitive answers might not always be readily available. By considering the potential interpretations, examining additional markings, and utilizing available resources, you can increase your chances of uncovering the story behind your “B in a Circle” jewelry piece.

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