American Gem Trade Association

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ethical practices and educational resources within the gemstone industry.

A Beacon of Trust and Transparency:

Founded in 1934, the AGTA has established itself as a trusted voice in the gemstone world. It advocates for ethical sourcing, responsible trade practices, and consumer protection, fostering a fair and transparent marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

Guiding the Way with Education:

The AGTA is committed to educating consumers and industry professionals alike. It offers a comprehensive range of educational resources, including gem identification courses, gemological laboratory accreditation programs, and ethical sourcing guidelines. These resources empower individuals to make informed decisions and promote responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Building Bridges and Fostering Collaboration:

The AGTA acts as a bridge between different segments of the gemstone industry, connecting miners, cutters, jewelers, retailers, and gemological laboratories. It facilitates dialogue, promotes collaboration, and works to address industry challenges collectively.

Recognizing Excellence and Setting Standards:

The AGTA fosters excellence and innovation within the industry through various awards and initiatives. Its prestigious Spectrum Awards recognize outstanding gemstone cutting and jewelry design, while its GemFair™ program promotes ethical sourcing practices and consumer confidence.

A Force for Good in the Gemstone World:

The AGTA’s commitment to ethical practices extends beyond the marketplace. It actively supports environmental sustainability initiatives and gemstone-producing communities around the world. By advocating for responsible mining and community development, the AGTA strives to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for the gemstone industry.


  • The AGTA has over 10,000 members representing all sectors of the gemstone industry.
  • It publishes two industry-leading magazines: Gems & Gemology and Facet.
  • The AGTA hosts the annual GemFair Tucson, the largest gem and jewelry trade show in North America.
  • It offers a Code of Ethics and Standards of Laboratory Practice to promote ethical and responsible practices within the industry.


The American Gem Trade Association stands as a pillar of integrity and knowledge in the gemstone world. Through its dedication to education, ethical sourcing, and collaboration, the AGTA empowers individuals, fosters a responsible marketplace, and shapes a brighter future for the industry.